A Hippie classic gets recycled

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Historically, an iron-clad policy for John Lennon songs has been that no new lyrics were permitted – ever. Now in not just an Australian first but world first, Lennon’s ‘Give Peace A Chance’ will be rerecorded with more than 20 musicians and 100 children worldwide, adding not only a further verse but also a new language, Spanish. In the year that marks the 30th anniversary of the singer / songwriter’s assassination, Australian organization Peacebeliever have obtained the rights to the timeless classic in an attempt to assist the Australian Children’s Music Foundation with additional resources and teachers to continue their work of enriching the lives of Australia’s youth. Lending their voices to the world phenomenal project is the Cuban Royalty Orquesta, the Buena Vista Social Club, Newton Faulker, and Australia’s own Tim Freedman, Katie Noonan and Don Spencer. Not only will the song be a musical milestone, all profits go to fund a charitable cause and should surely further cement John Lennon’s legacy.

‘Give Peace A Chance’ will be available for purchase from the December 8th from the iTunes store and at www.peacebeliever.com

Pictured, top, Nik Phillips and, bottom, Newton Faulkner, who feature in the new version of John Lennon’s anti-war anthem.