Absurd subjects make Yahoo’s most-searched list

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We’re not sure what the priorities of Google search-users were for all of 2010 yet, but Yahoo users were rather sartorially inclined. The most-searched question wasn’t ‘When will Brad and Angelina marry?’ nor ‘How can I be a part of one of Oprah’s last shows?’ nor the more politically-oriented ‘Who will win the federal election?’ but rather the mundane ‘How do I tie a tie?’.

Yahoo began publishing its yearly review of most-searched questions a decade ago, but this year was the first time news trumped celebrities, with the big questions mostly referring to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the World Cup soccer in South Africa.

But back to that tie. The ubiquity of this question and that it was the number one most frequently asked on the Yahoo engine poses two concerns: firstly, that the human race is generally idiotic in that it can invent and navigate something as genius as the internet and yet it can’t pull off a basic Windsor knot and, secondly, that our fashionable appearance has proven more important than what to prepare for the dinner table, or indeed how we can help save, for example, the good folk of Africa from starving.

While ‘How to tie a tie’ was the number one question, it was followed by searches on ‘How to lose weight’, ‘How to kiss’ (now, really) and ‘How to write a resume’ (okay, we’ll let that one pass through credibly enough).

In general category searches, all of the top 10 reflected the public’s fascination with celebrities bar one – that being the iPhone which came in at number 6. On the celebrity front, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian (of all people) came in 3rd and 4th, respectively, beating Lady Gaga at number 5, Megan Fox at 7, and Justin Bieber and Britney Spears rounding out the top 10.

Yahoo also released a list of top “obsessions”, which it defined as “a person, pop-culture phenomenon, political party, gadget, or pesty plague that spurred constant online monitoring and obsessive tangential searches”, with the top obsession being the iPhone, followed by trouble-struck starlet Lindsay Lohan.

One thing this list leads us to understand, and that is as a society, we have become so infatuated with the trivial and the trashy, from reading about what lipstick Kim Kardashian wore to which social event, to how we can get a hold of Justin Bieber’s moronic new record, that we’ve forgotten how to do something as basic as tie a tie. And if you’re still stuck on that one, see Expert Instructions On How To Tie A Tie .

Pictured, comedian Julian Barrat of ‘The Mighty Boosh’ shows us how to do it.