Album: Air ‘Love 2′

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After releasing their lukewarm ‘Pocket Symphony’, French chillout extraordinaires Air crash-land with a new arsenal of their trademark, Sophia Coppola-adored synth-pop. Their fifth studio work reads like an egomania trip for the multi-instrumentalist tag team of Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin. Tracks like the first (sadly titled) single ‘Sing Sang Sung’ is a modular utopia where the weather always seems to be sunny and ripe for a slow-motion beach romp. ‘Be A Bee’ is as cool and collected as James Bond, but races like the man of mystery after an opium purchase. And ‘Tropical Disease’…well, let’s just say that that sexy saxophone from ‘Playground Love’ is back in a big way. But nothing is more arresting than ‘So Light Is Her Footfall’ which recalls the best of the grungy and creeptastic French pop icon Serge Gainsbourg; the song is begging for a restraining order. Whatever your definition of love is you’ll find it somewhere in the deep craters of this collection.

‘Love 2′ is out through EMI.