Album: Alucidnation ‘Get Lost’

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‘Get Lost’ is the follow-up album from Alucidnation’s 2005 release ‘Induction.’ The soundscape is much like the night-set misty drive featured on the cover art: cruisy, undulating and often leading to the unexpected. While predominantly instrumental, Bruce Bickerton’s multi-tracked vocals feature sporadically to narrate a personal journey in tracks such as ‘Solitare’. Ideal for immersing yourself in when alone, or for underscoring a mellow evening with friends, ‘Get Lost’ is ambient and inspiring. The final version of the album only came to fruition once Bickerton moved house and established his new recording studio, the perfect metaphor for the type of sound he produces. ‘Get Lost’ houses all of Alucidnation’s well-loved components, albeit in a new room with an entirely new view.