Album: Datarock ‘Red’

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Norwegian tracksuit-wearing electro act Datarock is back with a third album, ‘Red’. Listening to the tiresome first track, ‘The Blog’, it appears the duo are trying out a new sound, albeit unsuccessfully. But after the second track, lead single ‘Give It Up’, we hear they’re still bringing the high-energy electro-punk reminiscent of their debut offering of two years ago, ‘Datarock Datarock’. Staying true to their retro aesthetic, the duo deliver a concept-driven LP that tributes the late ’70s and early ’80s (indeed only equipment made before 1983 was used on the album). Tracks ‘True Stories’ and ‘Pretender’ reference post-punk heroes Talking Heads and Devo, while ‘Molly’ is a playful love-letter to actress Molly Ringwald. Like their previous albums, ‘Red’ is a fun album with some very catchy tunes.

‘Red’ is out on Etc Etc.