Album: Lisa Mitchell ‘Wonder’

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Wholesome folk-pop Albury native, Lisa Mitchell, has released a sugary debut album through record company major, Warner, after garnering critical acclaim for previously independently recorded and released EPs. Penning and recording the LP with UK producers du jour Anthony Whiting (Arctic Monkeys, Zero 7, Sia) and trusty session player Ed Hardcourt, ‘Wonder’ is a bubbly confection that meanders through an illusory wonderland (good examples in the aptly named ‘Valium’ and ‘Neopolitan Dreams’), whilst simultaneously delving into a comparatively more profound and melancholic country-folk sound (‘Clean White Love’, ‘Pirouette’). An imperfect, yet wholly endearing voice resonates and variety abounds. ‘Wonder’ is a delectable balance between the syrupy sweet and piquant sour; and Mitchell has carved an oeuvre that is utterly unique.

‘Wonder’ is out through Warner.