Album – Maz Mazak ‘Soul Tripping’

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Sydney-based singer-songwriter Maz Mazak has soul down to the very core of her being. Embracing contemporary grooves and a seductive sound that grows on you – where the more you listen the more you like – Mazak’s album aptly titled ‘Soul Tripping’ began as an idea years ago whilst she was songwriting in Detroit. The album came to fruition over late night recording sessions and exudes a sensuality that is undoubtedly suited to an evening out accompanied by a few relaxing glasses of wine. The layered basslines and smooth drum beats are soothing and her lyricism is introspective, fostering a ‘just be yourself’ attitude that is not only a lesson learned but a lesson that she feels deserves to be shared with soul fans alike. The album opens in a beautiful a capella intro and sets the mood for what is a delectable neo-soul-fest of reflective balladry creatively contrasted against upbeat storytelling. A most impressive debut.

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