Anne Hathaway gives advice on prescriptions

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Like ‘The Social Network’, ‘Love & Other Drugs’ will be a huge hit at the box office. Primarily because its main subject matter, prescription medicine, holds great social currency and is pretty much close to everyone’s heart. Or other anatomical organs. Whatever your mood- or performance-enhancing drug of choice might be (Prozac, Zoloft, Xanax, Viagra, Cialis) you can bet it’s being given a fair share of screen time in this film.

Jake Gyllenhaal who plays a pharmaceuticals sales rep, and Anne Hathaway who plays a patient diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, both flew in to Australia this week to do the promotional rounds for a movie which probably wouldn’t even require the extra publicity. The ‘drug’ and ‘love’ references in the film’s title alone should see it sell well. Still, promoting the flick they did, and with gusto at a press conference held at the Sydney Theatre Company headquarters.

Hathaway, dressed in a sheer short dress (she asked that publicists ensure the trestle table was opaque and not transparent) fended off questions about her recent love interest Adam Shulman (the cheek of that ‘Who’ magazine journalist) but was happy to talk about the pleasures of doing love scenes with Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal also fended off queries about real-life partner Taylor Swift (although he’s sure to have a song penned about that relationship sometime soon) but was content to tell Cream, “I can safely say that I have never tried Viagra” when asked if love scenes with Hathaway came easy – with or without the “other drugs”.

So did Hathaway enjoy those nude/sex scenes? “The scariest part about doing nudity is later having to watch it with an audience, which is not the most comfortable thing in the world. But about 75% of my nude scenes have been with [Jake] and [he is] very attractive so I guess I can safely say yes.”

The promo junket turned out to be Gyllenhaal’s first time to Australia but Hathaway’s second. “Seeing as I was eighteen,” she said of her previous trip to Oz, “and that the drinking age is lower over here, I don’t think I have any memories from that particular trip, but I did feel really sophisticated, being an international traveller.”

Hathaway, whose hit films include ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, ‘Alice In Wonderland’ and ‘Rachel Getting Married’ will be co-hosting next year’s Oscars ceremony (“I’m looking forward to it and am glad I’m not doing it alone”). Gyllenhaal starred with Heath Ledger in the box-office smash ‘Brokeback Mountain’ which won several Academy Awards and in which Hathaway co-starred.

One last question for the lovely Ms Hathaway; sure we’re supposed to meet one true object of desire in each of our lives, but does she think we’re each destined for a particular prescription?

“If there is one, I think it’s just to keep learning,” she offers with an eloquence far from prosaic. “And I think if you mind your mind, it will probably give you everything you need.”

‘Love & Other Drugs’ is out in cinemas December 16th.
Photography by Anastasia Fai.