Brilliant brainwashing

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Mr Brainwash, a.k.a. Thierry Guetta, began his career as a French documentary filmmaker, transitioned into a rogue street artist, and is quickly becoming one of the most prominent pop artists around. His moniker is bandied about as much as fellow art deconstructionists Banksy and Ben Frost, although Brainwash has moved one step ahead of his peers to delve into the commercial music realm. He recently designed the CD and DVD packaging for Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ compilations, taking his cues from one of his earlier works of bastardised pop that featured Michael Jackson in Warhol-esque ‘Marilyn’ guise (pictured). While his pastiche techniques and references to the Pope of Pop are blatant, Mr Brainwash still manages to titillate… even if it is with only a few extra coats of paint. View more of this postmodern devil’s art at