Capital treatment

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According to studies undertaken to reveal what men harbour as a main physical concern, 70% name “hair mass” as a worry. It seems as though they may now rest easy with the new Kerastase Homme creation, a complete range of luxury haircare designed specifically for men, targeting the reinforcement of existing hair mass. Kerastase Homme Capital Force consists of three daily programs, complete with daily treatment shampoo and leave-in care, specifically targeting certain scalp issues with opposing actions – anti-oiliness, anti-dandruff and densifying. How, you may ask? By combating the two key factors for men’s hair loss – hormonal and aggravating – with a smorgasbord of new technologies called Systeme Taurine. Yes, we know it might sound like all the other products on the market, but trust us when we say a couple of lads in the office have only started using the product and already their locks are looking more textured. Oh, and did we mention it smells amazing?