Cartier’s carry-all

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Marcello de Cartier’s new range of bags are relaxed accessories for active lifestyles. The tote is uncomplicated, made from unbleached canvas and leather and available in red or beige. Bold and slightly nautical, it’s perfect for those days you just need to get away. The more elegant, though deceptively named, hobo bag, is made from noble leathers and available in bronze, ebony or total black. It features overstitched corners and tone-on-tone contrasts with either python or water-snakeskin. Each adorned with a Cartier charm, these bags slip easily on to your arm, but are much harder to let go. Sun’s out so pack as one of these in preparation for the beach please.

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Pictured, tote bags, medium model, canvas and water-snakeskin in red and nut-brown.