Cheap yet chic

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Whilst iPhone and Blackberry are in a competition of their own, Vodafone is still pop-wowing along offering similar services for much more affordable prices. Vodafone’s new Nokia C3 model is a perfect example; from personal experience it often gets mistaken for a Blackberry with its uncanny analogous appearance and funcitonality, but approaches communication in a simpler manner – basically a less fiddly and more straightforward set-up. In support of the McGrath Foundation, Vodafone have put together limited edition pressie packs for the girls featuring a Nokia C3 in pink paired with a nifty BaByliss Pro Hair Straighter. Both easily fitting into your clutch. Proceeds go towards a national breast awareness education initiative to be launched in 2011. Awesome phone and charitable services? And all for just $99? Seems like a win-win.

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