Create colourful pics David LaChapelle style

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Nokia recently flew renowned celebrity photographer David LaChapelle in to Australia with one simple brief: to photograph a select number of individuals using the camera component of the nifty Nokia N8 smartphone. LaChapelle and his band of backdrop artists and props providers set up the ImagiN8 Studio, where kitsch settings were created with ‘peepholes’ of real Australian landmarks in the background, including the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Within the set were a carnival of fantastical creatures and flora: from Cornflakes box-coloured roosters and fluoro pink swans to giant lotuses and native Australian flowers.

“With Nokia, it was just a fun thing to do, way more over-the-top than a lot of my celebrity portraiture and more of just a party with snapshots. I was simply just pointing and shooting but the camera does take beautiful photos with a nice high definition range, so I felt good about endorsing it.”

The N8′s inbuilt 12-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash creates vivid, naturally-rendered portraits that can then be edited using its trusty editing software. You can increase contrast and change red, blue and green (RGB) levels to your liking, alter contrast and brightness (tip: increase both for full LaChapelle effect), adjust highlights and shadows, and of course crop, save, and send your finished image to your preferred social network site.

Speaking about his involvement in the Nokia N8 shoot, said LaChapelle, “Everyone has a cell phone these days and it’s cool that the Nokia N8 has a great lens and that the clarity of the pictures is excellent.”

Check out the example above of what this baby can do, and rest assured that if quality, expressive images is what you want in a smartphone’s inbuilt camera, the Nokia N8 ought to be at the top of your must-have list this Christmas.


Photography by David LaChapelle using the Nokia N8.
The Nokia N8 retails for RRP $749.
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