Cute Japanese characters soon on exhibition

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The Greeks have their mythology, Indians have their myriad gods, and the Japanese… well they have anime and Hello Kitty. Since the 1950s, the Japanese cartoon art form anime has reached a level of sanctity that rivals any idea of religion and has helped shape the country as we know it today. RMIT University in Victoria is offering an insight into this and various other animation subcultures with ‘Japan: Kingdom Of Characters’, an exhibition that addresses the cultural and historical phenomenon and the impact these have had on social reality. Figures, panels, films, character-related products and the history of their rise to popularity will be on display in order to gain some insight into the power of anime, manga, and cutesy comic book characters including a reproduction of a typical girl’s bedroom filled to the brim with paraphernalia.

‘Japan: Kingdom Of Characters’ runs from February 21st to March 19th at the RMIT Gallery, Melbourne. For more information visit