Direct Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s next MV!

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This is your chance to launch yourself as a music video extraordinaire. We’re not talking for your local community arts night but for one of the biggest synth-pop masterminds to hit this year. Anyone with good taste in music ought to be familiar with UK electronica outfit Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and their super-zippy dance anthems through Ministry Of Sound that have been a force to be reckoned with chartwise. Well the band is calling on all wannabe creatives to produce the official video for their next single, ‘The Key’. Open to all mediums – real-life, stil-life, animated, 2D, HD – whatever gets you off pretty much. As well as getting the winning clip shown on music shows and the internet, up for grabs in the prize basket is $2,500 cash and a Nikon DSLR Camera, plus free enrolment to the Nikon School so you can learn to work the beautiful thing.

Competition opens December 6th. For entry details and more information