DVD: A Nightmare On Elm Street

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Remakes of cult classic films never seem to work out for the apparent ‘new and improved’ regardless what anyone says and Samuel Bayer’s modernised version of ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ is no exception. While there are a few jumps thanks to the old faithful boiler-room murders, the movie lacks in story line dedication, particularly with the unnecessary did he/didn’t he paedophilic themes. One would think that the technological advancements alone would be enough to scrape ‘Elm Street’ a few stars but, honestly, it just contributes to the downfall, particularly the overzealous CGI efforts in the infamously eerie ‘Freddy coming out of the wall’ scene. As a final straw, Freddy appeared as the doppelganger of a wet alien cat as opposed to a burn victim but seasoned actor Jackie Earle Haley does hold his own delivering those creepy sexual innuendo-drenched one-liners, thus earning his snaps.

‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ is available through Warner Home Video on single-disc DVD (RRP $39.95), double DVD box-set (RRP $44.95), and Blu-ray combo pack (RRP $44.95).