DVD : Alfred Hitchcock Presents

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Alfred Hitchcock’s name is synonymous with suspense, crime, and that infamous silhouette. Soon to be released is the six-disc anthology of ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season One’. This is a series that, of course, revolutionised the crime television genre (think CSI, Cold Case, Law & Order and its eighty-five spin-offs, and where they’d be without Hitch). The director always managed to inject sardonic humour into his suspenseful series, giving dryly satirical introductions and epilogues to each episode. Part of the excitement too is the thrill of finding Hitchcock’s ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ cameo which appears at some point within every episode. What makes it unique is that the show is still so accessible over 50 years on. Where most 1950s productions would have today’s young person reaching for the remote, these compact 30-minute episodes are so well edited and satisfying, they are borderline-addictive. Featuring early-career appearances from the likes of Bette Davis, Dick Van Dyke and William Shatner, this is a staple for the DVD collection of any true entertainment junkie.