DVD Review: ‘Buried’

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‘Buried’ is a claustrophobic thriller best followed by a dose of chamomile tea. When Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up buried six feet underground in a wooden coffin, he has no idea why he is there, and has only a mobile phone and a lighter to assist him in trying to escape.

Set entirely within the confined space of Conroy’s wooden prison, the audience is denied any auxiliary perspective. With not even a glimpse into the outside world throughout the entire 90-minute film, the viewer too is left wondering if and hoping that rescuers are on their way. Director Rodrigo Cortes brilliantly induces the audience into feeling first-hand the claustrophobia, frustration and anxiety of the sole character’s experience.

For the most part the intensity of the film is unrelenting. Yet there are also moments of ironic humour as Conroy attempts to negotiate with short-fused operators, and is forced to wait patiently to maddening hold muzak as his oxygen dwindles. Reynolds holds his own – literally.

‘Buried’ is available on Blu-ray and DVD from February 23rd through Icon Film Distribution.