Eco is not a dirty word

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Cult haircare connoisseurs, Tigi, have injected eco-chic into their fresh new product collection ‘Love Peace & The Planet’. The haircare line utilises renewable, organic and biodegradable sourced ingredients that free from artificial colours or fragrances, and containing a minimal amount of synthetics. Each unique concoction in the range is infused with the most delectable organic extracts from geranium, algae, chamomile flower, pomegranate to nettle, aloe vera and shea butter, the natural properties of which nourish and strengthen hair, add shine and strengthen tresses, and protect against harmful pollutants. With folksy names like ‘Let It Be Leave-In Conditioner’ and ‘Freak Of Nature Volumiser’ that pay homage to tree-hugging and psychedelia, being environmentally conscious never seemed more appealing.