Escaping the bad stuff

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For decades, escapology has been referred to merely in the physical sense; it is only in the last few years that it has become a state of mind nurtured to aid those from the negative mental tendencies of everyday life. Breaking the destructive chain of behaviour has proven one of the most difficult obstacles for smokers. The age-old tale of toughing it out, going cold turkey or relying wholeheartedly on other means such as menial patches and gum to assist in recovery has forgotten one integral element to escape from smoking: a healthy mindset. Fitness and health coach, Tim Williamson, looks at smoking from the inside out, constructing a focus that involves interaction, perception, responsibility and behavioural understanding before combating the cancer sticks.

Williamson has also recently had published ‘Escape From Debt’, where the principals of mental escapology are applied to helping the reader deal with financial difficulties.

The great thing about these affordable books is that you can actually read them in one sitting, and that Williamson writes in a personable perspective from very real experience. Never intimidating, always inviting, these are two self-help books worth investing in.

?Escape From Smoking’ and ?Escape From Debt’ are published through Wright Books / Wiley and available in good bookstores.