From the grave

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The Grave Shakers is a comic book that revels in its own excess. Written and illustrated by Mike Foxall, aka Fox Trotsky, an original member of cult Sydney punk outfit Nancy Vandal, the four-part series is a throwback to a time when plotlines weren’t so damn predictable. Resurrecting – pun intended – the cinematic comic book tradition of ‘Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park’, the story involves a mad scientist turned rogue record label boss who uses cloning technology to reanimate dead rock stars. A struggling all-girl rock band and their ungainly manager are roped into the scheme and soon after… well, pretty much anything goes! Combining punk, grindhouse and horror influences, ‘The Grave Shakers’ issues a vehement ‘fuck you’ to the bland and unimaginative children of the ‘X-Factor’ generation. Buy it in the archaic “paper” medium and read it at the bus stop – just like gramps used to.

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