Get your design entries in now!

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Rather than attempting to pigeonhole the extensive list that inevitably comes up under design, the impending Melbourne Design Awards commemorate the entire design process, not just the end result, with over 50 categories for entrants to apply to. Open to any designer, design company, commissioner of design and student, the MDAs celebrate a smorgasbord of divisions including architecture, interiors, corporate branding, photography, advertising graphic design, fashion and events just to name a few. The conclusive six ‘Best Of’ awards are intended to acknowledge not just the leading designers but also those who are more often than not overlooked – those who sponsor, fund and commission design projects. This all-inclusive theme is continued by the fact that students are invited to enter their work and compete alongside industry professionals, giving them the opportunity to make their mark within the highly competitive design marketplace. As well as recognising design excellence, The Melbourne Design Awards are an opportunity for both established and aspiring designers to showcase their work, meet and collaborate with other professionals, and establish industry connections. Entries close Sunday 28 November so there’s still time to get your two cents in before the competition is taken to the streets for a public vote.

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