Gettin’ away with it

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For the last decade we’ve been told the internet is the perfect medium for information dissemination, allowing people of all walks of life, locales and languages to seek the information they seriously require. Australian satirist come internet author, David Thorne, a self-confessed embellisher and technology cynic, disagrees controversially and quirkily. He sees the internet as nothing but a laugh, and his humble website is a highly comical means to which he’s managed to do everything from pay bills online with a drawing of a seven-legged spider (an illustration self-appraised at $233.95) to manipulating grown men into writing dirty phrases on their bellies as he poses as a beautiful woman in online chat. Compiled in hardcopy format is ‘The Internet Is A Playground’, a best-of collection of Thorne’s witty articles and back-and-forth emailing that leaves you in awe at just how much you can get away with in cyberspace. Published through Fontaine Press, RRP $24.95.