Global pillage: push for digital radio

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If, like us, you’re getting a little tired of the same ol’ radio stations and you’re keen to check out what’s playing on the airwaves outside of the (Fifi) box, you’ll be happy to hear digital radio is being pushed big-time in the lead-up to the new year. Commercial Radio Australia recently launched a $3-million Christmas campaign to promote digital radio via a month-and-a-half long campaign of radio ads across 42 commercial radio stations, promoting digi radio as “the perfect Christmas gift”. Since this means a broader spectrum of stations available on your dial – including countless international ones (the Oxx Digital Radio, pictured, gives you access to over 12,000 internet radio stations globally), it translates into better and broader information and music for the listener.

The radio industry celebrated one year of digital radio on air in August and reported that at that time 523,000 people were listening to digital radio in an average week and that there were three times the predicted number of digital radios in the market at 150,000 (Source:

Digital radios are available in stylish shelf models with a retro aesthetic, like the one pictured, which also feature alarm clock and sleep timer, and in mobile format (the Oxx Digital Pocket Radio fits, well, in your pocket, and uses wireless technology so you can tune in on the go).

To complement the push for digital radio campaign, demonstration kiosks have been set up at 10 Westfield Shopping Centres across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth beginning with one in Chatswood, Sydney on December 2nd and ending with one in Carousel, Perth on December 21st. A merry digital and multicultural Christmas to you then.

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Pictured, the Oxx Digital Internet Radio, RRP $299. Phone (02) 8539 7612 for stockist enquiries.