Gone nuts for 60 years

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A bold-headed boy who can’t get his baseball team to hit one lowly home run. A brunette chick with more diva attitude then Naomi Campbell on a bad day. An angst-ridden kid who won’t let go of his security blanket. And a dog that out-does them all in the eccentric stakes. Peanuts is the comic and cartoon gang that has kept a smile on the faces of readers young and old for decades, reaching its 60th anniversary this year. Today, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and of course Snoopy appear in over 2,200 newspapers, in 75 countries, and 21 languages around the world. Their faces have emblazoned everything from coffee mugs to clothing, stationery to linen, in fact Peanuts has been visible in virtually every retail channel. To celebrate, many of these channels will be re-issuing classic Peanuts products as well as releasing new items. Cameron House, for one, has just published an attractive book ‘The Peanuts Collection’ that contains treasures from the world’s most beloved comic strip including early rawer sketches, rare animation cels, cute stickers, a mini cookbook, and frameable prints of all the main characters.

‘The Peanuts Collection’ is published through Cameron House, an imprint of The Scribo Group, RRP $59.99 available at quality bookstores.