Good Google news for those on the dark side

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Going to kill yourself is a serious matter. These days, some people might even like to get close to the medium or memories that most recently precede a pending suicide. So it’s a good thing that Google have introduced special graphics and results for searches relating to suicide in Australia.

As from now, if you search on Google for terms relating to suicide (always good to be honest when the World Wide Web wants to know ‘What’s on your mind?’) you’ll see a large red phone icon and an appropriate number to call. The number will put callers in touch with Lifeline Australia, a 24-hour, confidential suicide prevention hotline to support anyone in crisis or distress.

Similarly, special search results for words like ‘poison’ will also bring up important details including the option to get in touch directly with the Poisons Information Centre, a 24/7 hotline.

Says Acting CEO for Lifeline, Angus Clelland: “This initiative by Google will assist us to reach more people in need.” Touche.

The number for suicide prevention is 13 11 14.
The number for a poison emergency is 13 11 26.