Google misses out on the top most-searched list

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With the release of the 2010 Google Zeitgeist (that’s special lingo for most-searched topics) two schools of thought have become apparent; firstly us Googlers are unwittingly hilarious, and secondly we all want Justin Bieber dead. The annual report allows everyone (presuming mostly big corporations searching for new avenues to exploit) a glimpse into big events, memorable moments, and emerging trends ranging from retailers to recipes, diets to deaths, and of course the coveted ‘Most Searched’ Award.

It appears that over a year we have shifted our obsessions from reality personnel to dieting whilst ironically maintaining a parallel search level for macaroons and chicken parmigiana recipes (hence the hilarity). More stats include retailers biting it thanks to online shopping; the iPad beating the World Cup in news-related searches; and DIY making a comeback.

Being a continuing topic of discussion, celebrity deaths is no surprise but what does remain confusing is third place, apparently not everyone is fond of that Bieber hair flick. Finally, the mecca prize for most-searched goes to the hour-stealing Facebook, but before the social networking family dominated the list Google itself once snuck in to the number one spot.