Hairdressers fight Aids

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With another World Aids Day come and gone (December 1st), Hairdressers Against Aids have done their dash in the empowering educational program, raising funds for the Victorian Aids Council. Taking each year as it comes, the foundation is celebrating 10 years of awareness action with the release of the L’Oreal Hairdressers Against Aids special edition celebrity calendar. While that statement sounds a bit naff, the calendar is filled with gorgeous tasteful black-and-white photographs of models and actresses all captured by internationally acclaimed hairdresser and photographer John Nollet. Contributing their aesthetically-pleasing selves to the sleek package are Audrey Tatou, Diane Kruger, Monica Belluci and Vanessa Paradis, as well as eight other months.

To purchase a special edition calendar (RRP $20) visit
Pictured, the buxom Monica Belluci.