It’s a zoo out there

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Fact: the internet is the 21st Century’s most accessible technological medium for information. Fact: today, in the wake of the recent Global Financial Crisis, value for money is imperative. Fact: there is no place like home, but everyone loves a holiday. Travelzoo is globally renowned for publishing quality travel deals from travel providers across Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. Launched in February 2008, Travelzoo Australia already has 400,000 Australian subscribers, consistently growing as a global internet media company that updates subscribers every Wednesday with the best independently researched and tested travel deals. General Manager of Travelzoo Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, Brad Gurrie has been involved with the online business from its grassroots, focusing on what travel enthusiasts want from the ever-changing marketplace.

“Although the internet has changed the travel industry, many of the deals we feature in the Travelzoo Top 20 are not available on the internet. Many consumers still like to pick up the phone and speak to someone when booking international trips… We are constantly evolving our product mix in line with what our subscribers want and to capitalise on changing market conditions. Last year we featured a lot of great domestic deals but with the strong Aussie dollar and increased competition between airlines, our subscribers are heading overseas so our Top 20 newsletter is featuring more international deals.”