Judging a book by its cover (and spine)

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Photographer Victoria Reichelt has so far taken a very interesting approach to portraiture. She would take ‘portraits’ of Australian artists by painting photographs of their bookshelves, in which the sum of the books’ spines would hint at the subject’s personality. Taking this approach one step further (well, removing the artist as subject), her newest series of works is all about literature and colour coordination. Books with spines of the same shade or hue are stacked on top of one another and shelved side by side to create boxes of bright bibliographic beauty. See ‘Red Army’ (pictured) and more at the Dianne Tanzer Gallery, 108 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, from November 21 to December 19. Information on (03) 9416 3956. If only the Dewey Decimal System looked this pretty.