Keep looking over your shoulder

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We at Cream love a little scandalous conspiracy, so when a book titled ‘The World’s Greatest Conspiracies’ fell into our hot little hands let’s just say it was like all Christmas’s had come at once. Authors Jonathon Vankin and John Whalen have expanded and updated their previously named book ‘The 80 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time’ to deliver this expose of hidden agendas, sinister cover-ups and diabolical plots. Compiled of more conspiracies than listed on Wikipedia, the read provides theories with ‘evidential proof’ covering the ever-popular New World Order Theory, the death of Princess Diana, and a ‘pending’ Apocalypse as well as infiltration of Lizard People, teleporting Navy warships, and how every influential individuals death was actually plotted murder. Lovely bed-time reading, then.

‘The World’s Greatest Conspiracies’ is published through Citadel Press and available in Australia through Scribo.