Keep music close to your chest

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So you think it’s nifty fitting all those albums on your iPod? How about fitting each album on an accessory, like a button you can wear on your lapel? The ‘Playbutton’ is a device that looks like your average badge but can store a full album’s worth of music with features on the back that allow you to play, pause, skip, and adjust volume. It’s like a record and a record player in one. In fact, just like classic vinyl and official CDs, you can’t save anything else on to it and can’t erase data.

The prototype was launched in November at the Future: Content conference in London where its creator emphasised the beauty of “that physical element” injected back into music buying and listening, so you can appreciate an album in its intended entirity.

The Playbutton is not on the market yet, but looks like being made available commercially by the end of 2011. Each button will come with official album artwork on the front, albeit cropped as a circle, not a square. We can only assume the minimalist button pictured here is of the Beatles’, er, ‘White Album’.