Ladybugs in your ears?

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Why is it that while MP3 players and mobile phones continue to advance in style, the ear buds that accompany them remain pretty much the same as the ones we once plugged into walkmans? Finding no good answer, DCI Products hail in a new generation of ear buds, far cuter and much quirkier than any we’ve seen before. Using standard technology, they’re compatible with a 3.5mm headphone socket – the one that’s built into just about all your gadgets. It’s at the speaker end that DCI designers have gotten down to business, adding a simple but unique silicon tip to the earpiece. Not only do they make the speaker easier to insert and take out of your ears, the tips are brightly coloured and shaped in totally distinctive designs. With eight to choose from, including red ladybugs, yellow rubber duckies and green frogs, DCI buds look as entertaining from the outside of your ears as the sounds they send down your drum. More information at