Lambert truly shines

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He came second in season eight of ‘American Idol’ and granted he was stockier than your average idol, wore more eyeliner than Liza Minnelli, was out and proud much to the disgust of typical Midwest Americans, it was obviously That Voice that impressed judges and public at large.

On stage down under, three years down the track, and despite the over-the-top costumes, “controversial” pashes with band-mates, dazzling light displays and arty-farty visuals, again it was the voice that ultimately shone.

Adam Lambert is the perennial showman. He’s a touch Joan Jett, a little Liberace, and a lot of Freddie Mercury. He struts, he pouts, he sexes his act up, and in the end he belts out some brilliant tunes. At his recent concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, it was difficult for audience members to remain seated. Usually, it takes coaxing on the pop star’s behalf to get their audience out of its seats, but Lambert’s fans were jumping in the aisles on their own accord – and we’re talking a broad age span of teens to grannies here.

Of his pseudo-sexual stage antics, Lambert told Cream: “I don’t look at it on too deep a level when I’m on stage. I’m not trying to rewrite morals. I’m just playing a sexually dominant character and [simultaneously] I’m putting on a show. If waking up a few people to notions of homosexuality is a result of it, then fantastic.”

Sexuality aside, this guy has the goods to mature and grow bigger in an industry inundated with pop wannabes and overwhelmed by the war of digital downloading versus hardcopy unit-shifting. Because at the end, it really is about the talent, and Lambert’s powerhouse voice is no pseudo act.


Adam Lambert’s debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’ is out through Sony Music. Photography by Ken Leanfore.