Look good, drive well

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Sick of looking at that ugly lump of plastic stuck to your windscreen that is your GPS? Thankfully Garmin understand that navigation isn’t all about getting from A to B, but also about bridging the gap between the practical and the aesthetically beautiful. The Garmin Nuvi series boasts the most stylish and aesthetically innovative driving accessories on the market. Not only are the sleek thin touchscreen designs a breakthrough in tech innovation, but each model includes traffic alerts, voice-activated navigation, city modelling, terrain view, real-view lane guidance, and a lifetime subscription to SUNA traffic channel (assisting in avoiding those nasty traffic jams). The implausible size combined with the accompanying leather case makes the Nuvi series transferable with ease. Just pop one in your handbag and off you go!

The Garmin Nuvi 3790T, pictured, RRP $549.
More information at www.garmin.com.au