Love movies? You’ll love Mubi

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They’d probably want us to spell it with capital letters, but we figure PlayStation’s impressive new movie library, Mubi, is going to become such a huge household name, it deserves to be treated like an other proper noun. Mubi is all about three things: access, diversity, and experience. The latest offering from the at-home entertainment suite that is PlayStation Network, Mubi is a downloadable app that offers PS3 users access to a curated library of acclaimed independent, international, and classic films as well home-grown gems, provided by partners ranging from Martin Scorsase’s World Cinema Foundation to Australia’s own Hopscotch Films. Users can stream their favourite flicks directly onto their TV via the PS3 console all from the comfort of home sweet home. The Mubi Community hosts forums for discussion and debate, a library of film resources, and offers one-click Facebook integration, making it easier than ever before to share, discover, and connect with likeminded cinephiles.

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