Luxurious metamorphosis

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Coconut milk? Myth. Honey hair mask? Hype. Excessive amount of green tea? Nada. Kerastase Paris is turning back the daunting clock on dull ageing hair with the virtues of caviar. Being a concentrate of the most powerful antioxidant ingredients, caviar is now recognised for its unique anti-ageing properties and Kerastase have harnessed this into the very height of luxury haircare in the form of a mimetic caviar concentrate and deep nourishing creme. Chronologiste, by Kerastase Paris, is a special hair treatment available only in select Kerastase Consultant Salons where the ritual provides women with the precious opportunity to transcend into a complete state of relaxation while turning back that clock. Introducing the largest amount of active ingredients in the highest concentrate, Kerastase has uncovered the myth to restoring hair to its original vitality and beauty. Our Editor gave it a go at Brad Ngata hair salon in the city and the compliments have been coming in thick and fast. Also available at Suki, Veev, Vibe, or for a full list of salons that carry the Chronologiste treatment, visit