MAC deliver a powerful punch on the makeup front

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Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics in 1941 and later became the biggest female superhero in the DC Comics stable. It’s about time, we say, that the movie and revised TV series they’ve been talking about making in her honour are both under way (there’s talk still of Megan Gale in the film role, and Adrianne Palicki donning the gold cuffs for television). In the meantime, you can get all supersexy-like with MAC Cosmetics’ new Wonder Woman makeup collection. It promises to “fight the supervillains of the world [of] criminally outdated colour and undimensional skin finish” and offers lipsticks in various hues of red and rouge, lipglosses, eyeshadows – from sheer to bold shades, mascaras in green, purple, blue and black, blushes, mineralised skin finishes, and nail laqueurs. All set, then, to take on the big boys, if only to deter their evil shenanigans with how gorgeous you look.

Available from March 1st. For more information visit