Milan Design Week goes green

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Everyone loves designer products. Don’t deny it; you can’t help what your subconscious desires. And in the Cream offices we have fallen head over heels in love with the notion of a designer garden. Apparently it’s been going on globally for a while now in a bid to promote eco-friendly sustainable environments but the approaching launch of the first Designers Garden of Wild Plants in Milan is what brought our attention to the super-cute idea.

As part of Milano Design Week (April 12th-17th), the planting and tending of ‘The Green Public Library’ will be the responsibility of various international designers such as Andrea Branzi, Alessandro Mandini, Marco Ferreri and more, in the Isola neighborhood in Milan. Even the gardening tools have been specially designed for the occasion courtesy of Alessi, which will be passed on to the adoptive parents (private individuals, schools, shops, etc) of the segmented wild plant garden post event. Urban green areas? What a beautiful idea!