Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher in ‘No Strings Attached’

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As a closet hopeless romantic, I tend to sit and watch rom-coms exuding an air of cynicism and inserting sarcastic remarks whenever possible, however with the newly released ‘No Strings Attached’ I was more than happy to sit and listen to the witty banter and crude humour.

The film offers numerous chuckle-out-loud moments, even the occasional snort-filled gauff, cheers to the minorly offensive language and sex-themed cracks. It does take the usual rom-com road of orientation, complication and resolution, but what made it somewhat different is the focus on sex, obviously pointed out by the title.

Natalie Portman does a bang-on job at being the insensitive, over-worked, under-sexed woman, and Ashton Kutcher counters that with the predictable funny nice guy. If we were to nitpick I could condemn Portman’s ugly onscreen crying, Kutcher’s deflating body (definitely downgraded since ‘The Killers’), and the awkward height difference between the gangly vs pygmy stars, but hey, love knows no height I guess.

All-in-all a fun view with lots of one-liners that had a good majority of the cinema giggling, except for that one lady who always has to laugh just a little too loudly.

‘No Strings Attached’ currently screens in cinemas nationally.