Nightlife-swapping: Part II

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A couple of weeks ago we told you of Smirnoff’s brilliant idea of creating an ‘exchange project’ of sorts, and inviting 14 countries from six continents to swap the best of their nightlife with each other. Australia swapped our nightlife experience with Brazil, and a huge Brazilian bash was held by the trusty vodka brand last weekend at Sydney’s Metro. Guests enjoyed traditional Brazilian canapes including mini chorizo hotdogs and plantain chips, and an extensive menu of vodka cocktails including the classic Mojito. Entertainment came in the form of live percussion, a hardcore club DJ, and a photo booth where punters posed in all manner of feather-boa-ed drag and headpieces.

Pictured, a Brazilian diva belting out the party tunes, girls getting into the heavy percussive sounds, MTV presenter Ruby Rose, dancers in brilliant drag, Didier Cohen and friend.