Nightlife swapping

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Remember those exchange programs we used to have at school? One of our folk would go overseas to live with an ethnic family, and one of their families would be sent down under to experience the Aussie way of life? Well take that concept and apply it to club life, and you’ve got the innovative and exciting event that is the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project. The trusty vodka brand has asked 14 countries from six continents to swap the best of their nightlife with one other. Australia will be receiving cartage from Brazil by November 27 when a party will be held to see how the South Americans love to do it. More information as it comes to hand. But in the meantime, crack open a Smirnoff Mule and look forward to the good times!

Pictured, clockwise from top left: Bambi Northwood & Dan Single (of Bang Gang DJs and Ksubi clothin; party girls Hannah McOwan & Eleni Toskas; street artist Ed Woodley; musician Nick Van She with Liam McKessar, Tara Stricker & Friend; Single on the decks; Smirnoff dancers; and vodka fan Andrew Green. Pictured on home page: Dan Phelan and Tiffany Farrington.