One man’s trash…

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What would be your reaction if we told you that floating out there in the world wide web is a new kind of Ebay – but where everything is free? Feelgood entrepreneurs Eric Bae and Xiangwei Meng have taken it upon themselves to minimise wasteland dumping and maximise recycling in the form of a nifty new not-for-profit site that (a) helps the environment, (b) exercises generosity, and (c) promotes the awesome-ness of good free stuff. Here’s how it goes down: if you have any remnants from a decluttering purge, simply sign up to, post it and see who wants it. The same goes on the other end; if you’re searching for something, again sign up, search and liase. The beauty of lies in the user-friendly setup, technical features that ensure safety, effortless encouragement of local pick-ups, and its modern twist on sideline competitor As they say – a happier earth equals a happier people. just add the perk of free stuff. Happy browsing.

Photography by Helen White.