Parklife – The Wrap

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Missy Elliott was peeved off that there wasn’t as much sun as she’d expected Sydney to have and who on earth was that gal who cut into her set? The Dandy Warhols might have hoped their audience was as out of it as they seemed. Mix Master Mike let quite a few of his Beastie Boys fans down, and didn’t hold a candle to ex-Bloc Party main man Kele. Sure, there was a lot of critique on the punters’ behalves regarding some of the let-downs by the highlighters at this year’s Parklife festival, but at the end of the day it was quite a coup to have the likes of Missy, Dandys, Kele, Soulwax, Groove Armada, and domestic darlings like Meg Washington and Midnight Juggernauts all performing at the one event. The rain was also a bit of a bitch, but we know y’all love a challenge against the elements. All up, a fun day out.

Photography by Mitchell Greenaway, Antonino Tati & Anthony Burke.
(clockwise from top left:) 01 Anthony & Nicholas. 02 Christina & Thalia. 03 Elise lickin’ it. 04 All poncho-ed up. 05 Nick lickin’ it. 06 Emily a vision in red. 07 Matt & Olivia.