Porsche Design deliver a line of slick products

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Offered the opportunity to discuss all things luxurious and ludicrous with Group Managing Director of Porsche Design Asia Pacific, Frank Schuermann, we entered the interview with a torrent of questions addressing the brand’s ‘sell-out’ move to create merchandise that counteracts the exclusivity which accompanies the brand name. We were left content with the end explanation.

First thing’s first, The Porsche Design Group is only marginally associated with Porsche (by share ownership or something). Secondly, this whole design leg of the Porsche name is nothing new – there are 108 concept stores, 30 in Asia Pacific alone for goodness sake.

While it was explained that, “It was never really meant to be a product or a brand, the way that it is now,” the new concept store screams otherwise. Located in the heart of Sydney CBD, rubbing shoulders with other international luxury labels like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bally and A/X Armani Exchange, the sleek minimal set-up of the Porsche Design store looks anything but unfitting.

Like most design houses, Porsche Design began with the designer’s inability to acquire what he wanted so in turn creating it himself. Taking the design world by storm back in the ’70s with a black watch (unheard of amongst all the gold and silver bling around), Porsche Design has continued to pump out timeless classics to this day. How such a brand enabled the majority of their designs transcend numerous eras and still come out on top as a luxury brand is as simple as a strong mindset and priorities.

“We are not a fashion company, fashion is very short-lived. From the function of an object comes the design,” said Schuermann.

Porsche Designs applaudable amount of ‘firsts’ – first fully titanium watch, first watch/compass with a flip-top face, and first sunglasses with interchangeable lenses – have placed them in the design history books but the product that excited us the most is the nifty, functional shake pen. With the simple concern for the time lost clicking a pen into work mode, Porsche Design whipped up a pen that you simply give a little jiggle and the tip comes out. Clicking is for chumps.

Another aspect of the design brand that wefound respectable was the notion of tying the two brands together (Porsche Auto and Porsche Design) with the application of the same materials, for example the casing of the aforementioned jiggle pen is the sleek titanium tubing modelled from somewhere in the cars engine!

While admitting that “a few items are made in Asia”, Schuermann proudly assists that the biggest bulk is made throughout Europe, hence the high level of quality maintained throughout the range. Nice.

The Porsche Design concept store is now open at 147 King Street, Sydney.
More information at www.porsche-design.com