Really saying something: Obama administration barracks for same-sex marriage

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The times they certainly are a-changing. Tying in nicely with Sydney’s Mardi Gras celebrations, on the other side of the Pacific this week, the Obama administration has acknowledged US federal law’s discrimination against same-sex couples – gay and lesbian couples who are legally married but whose status is not recognised by the federal government – and has asked Congress to address these.

Basically, the good Prez says he’s cool with same-sex marriage, which is a major deal since US law influences much of the rest of the world’s, leading to just-as-influential global protocol – particularly in the age of electronic media.

As testament to the popularity of the subject of same-sex marriage, within 13 hours of an article appearing on NBC’s ‘First Read’ web site about the Obama administration’s stance, some 2300 comments were posted.

In Australia, polls consistently show a high degree of support for same-sex marriage, but, says New Mardi Gras Co-Chair, Steph Sands, “Unfortunately the political class in Australia seems too beholden to the determined lobbying of small, highly motivated opponents of change.”

Enter the launch of a Facebook-based petition which Mardi Gras hopes will deliver one of Australia’s largest ever expressions of support for legislative change in the areas of same-sex rights including marriage.

The petition can be viewed and/or signed by visiting then ‘liking’ the page and clicking on the petition tab.