Round like a record

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Reliable facts and accurate statistics about the glorious history of rock’n’roll have remained a mess throughout much of its evolution. The lack of coherent data has most likely resulted from inflated, self-heralding claims by record labels and publicists combined with a cloak of secrecy and ‘convenient’ poor record keeping by the very same parties. To set things straight, MTV have released a unique compendium of crucial stats, charts, facts, lists and trivia covering the past 60 years of weekly chart-topping and industry shenanigans. ‘MTV Pop And Rock World Records 2011′ covers pretty much everything; from Eurovision to Idol, the specific (most performed karaoke songs) to the more vague (Grammys over the years) as well as influential artist-specifc pages. Chocka-a-block with numerical statistics and an assortment of images accompanying the highest grossing and best selling, this book is a coffee table must-have. Except when you take it out of the home to sneak into pub trivia nights.

‘MTV Pop And Rock World Records 2011′ is published through Carlton Books.