Ryan Kwanten covers up

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He may be one of the more ‘normal’ characters in television’s ‘True Blood’, but in his forthcoming film, Aussie stud Ryan Kwanten plays quite the kooky character. By day, Griff (Kwanten) is an office worker living a secluded life and bullied by co-workers. By night, things change. He assumes a superhero-type identity, protecting the innocent from ‘dangers’ that lurk in the shadows. Indeed, he thinks he is Griff: The Invisible.

With a brother constantly trying to draw the boy who has obvious delusions of grandeur back to reality, Griff is introduced to an equally eccentric girl named Melody (scientist by day) to see if the pair can work their madness out.

The film ought to help Ryan Kwanten break away from the threat of being typecast on television (butch, dumb, pretty boy) but we doubt it’s going to get him any Golden Globe nominations soon. Still, ‘Griff’ is good, simple fun.

‘Griff The Invisible’ will be released in cinemas in March 2011.