Sackful of fully sick fun

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Sackboy, that adorably munted-looking animated individual is back. It was only a matter of time before LittleBigPlanet was developed into a sequel and on January 20th that is exactly what will happen. In a bid to get the ball rolling, Sony Computer Entertainment have begun a war between three of the naughtiest Youtube personalities as they battle out who has the wits to create the coolest levels. Danny Clayton, Blunty3000, and Christiaan Van Vuuren (aka: The Fully Sick Rapper) have been conscripted to create and share their most bizarre thoughts when it comes to LittleBigPlanet levels and you can spectate these ludicrous ideas at the Official Australian LittleBigPlanet YouTube Channel.

Pictured, Youtube prankster Christiaan Van Vuuren.