Smile like you mean it

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It was a simple idea. Kooky, but simple. Get an up-and-coming model or artist, or an out-and-out icon to pose for the cover of the magazine, have them hide their right eye or close it as if winking, paint a smile on their lips, and voila! Your cover star is looking like a second logo. i-D magazine (lower case ‘i’ imperative as it connotes the right-winking or hidden right eye) has consistently gotten its cover talent to pose as such for the past 30 years. Actually, the British publication’s first issue featured only the logo itself, all hot-pink on a jet-black background, with just 2000 ‘zines printed and given out for free from the back of a car. Then the muses and celebrities entered the picture. Some might say it was all purely aesthetic, but in a rightwing-driven world, it does feel good to occasionally rest your right eye and peek out only through your left (try it). Politics aside, i-D has consistently presented pop culture in an innovative pastiche way. This year, together with Taschen Books, this year it celebrates a three-decade milestone with the release of a coffee table book packed with every single cover. It’s a brilliant trip down memory lane and stands testament to the potency of pop – something that in other hands might be treated as cheap and disposable.

‘i-D Covers 1980-2010′ is available from quality bookstores at the end of November, RRP $90.00.

Cover photography credits:

01. Art work Linda Sterling, Photography Tim Walker.
02. Cover star Kate Moss, Photography Tesh.
03. Cover star Madonna, Photography Mark Lebon.
04. Cover star Linda Evangelista, Photography Tesh.
05. Cover stars Daisy Lowe and Will Blondelle, Photography Terry Richardson.